Bingo Supplies Should Cost Less at the Bingo Concession

Bingo supplies is definitely an interesting business. Like a distributor of bingo game supplies, we have seen lots of good bingo managers, and the majority bingo managers that struggle. One mistake which i think lots of managers make using their operation is managing a expensive concession.

For example, some bingo managers believe that when they purchase a bingo marker for $1.00, they have to charge a minimum of $1.50 as well as other number for their players. When they purchase a cushion for $20.00, they believe they need to charge a minimum of $25.00. In the end, when you are running a business, you purchase something, measure the level up to and including greater cost, and you market it, right?

Well, within the situation of the concession, I do not think so.

I’m a firm believer that the bingo concession shouldn’t operate to create much, or no, profit. Rather, a concession should behave as a “loss leader”, or at best just like a “break-even leader” for the whole bingo. Rather of searching to create a $.50 profit on the bingo dauber, most concessions should consider the problem. Your bingo’s profit centers ought to be your bingo paper, electronic handhelds, pulltabs, along with other gaming products, not your concession products. Inexpensive bingo game supplies for example daubers, bingo chips, bags, cushions, etc. should be employed to attract beginners and existing players at the event.

I have heard many tales about bingos getting good players to go to with inexpensive supplies. Beginners frequently can have as much as your bingo (and skip another) due to a low-priced concession. And, both new and existing players that reduce your cost on supplies will frequently enjoy spending that savings on additional electronic bingo cards, more bingo paper, and/or pulltabs.

These bingo products, and not the supplies at the concession, ought to be a bingo chairperson’s best profit makers. Consider it. There is a reason many casinos in Vegas can give out free food to individuals sitting at slots. In connection with this, bingo isn’t any different.

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