YesPlay Helps You Find Out the Latest Mega Millions Results In Real Time

Mega Millions is a celebrated US lottery with simple rules and clear structure, decent winning odds, plenty of intriguing betting possibilities, and massive rewards! The lottery holds its draws twice weekly, on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 5:45 am SAST. The payouts that this game offers to the luckiest winners can easily rival the ones provided by another lotto behemoth – US Powerball.

How does the Mega Millions lottery play?

The lottery utilizes two different sets of balls – the main set and the bonus set. The first one features 70 balls in the range of 1 to 70, of which the player chooses five numbers. The bonus set plays with only 25 balls, and the bettor is expected to pick one. When all five of the main balls and one bonus ball match the numbers drawn in the game, a massive payout that can sometimes amount to hundreds of millions of rands is awarded to the player.

When looking for additional ways to scoop a cash prize, Mega Millions fans registered at YesPlay can opt to bet on Unlucky numbers, Highest/Lowest balls, Odd/Even balls, Divisible numbers, and more. Not only do these add thrill to the whole online betting experience, but also allow players to win some cash even if their main bet fails.

Why bet on Mega Millions results on YesPlay?

Mega Millions tickets can only be officially sold on US territory, which is why players from other countries, including South Africa, cannot participate in this lottery game directly. To have a chance at winning a whopping multi-million prize that this game offers, players from SA have to sign up with trusted and reliable betting websites like YesPlay that serve as an intermediary in this process. Once they register an account on such a platform, users can place their Mega Millions bet using the so-called Lucky Numbers betting system.

Here is how to place a Mega Millions bet on YesPlay:

  • Register an account using your SA phone number and credit funds to the balance.
  • Locate the Mega Millions game page using the site’s advanced search filters.
  • Pick your preferred betting option and decide which lucky numbers you are going to bet on.
  • Choose the number of bets you want to make and press Place Bet.

As soon as the funds are withdrawn from your balance, your bet will be registered with the system. All that is left to do is monitor the Mega Millions results on YesPlay in real time and compare your chosen numbers with the winning once after the draw is over.

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