The Role of AI In Live Casino Games

In the past few years, streaming presenter games have become all the rage in the interactive gaming sphere. That trend unfolded in 2017 with Evolution Gaming debuting Dreamcatcher, this company’s version of the Big Six. Post-2020, this genre has attained substantial popularity due to its dynamic nature and the blending of live with RNG gameplay. However, it is interesting that dealer tables have been around for two decades, as Playtech pioneered this category in 2003 with a soft launch of its Asian-centric studio. Nevertheless, it took a while for technology to catch up and make these products available to the masses. Now that they are, they are giving online slots a run for their money.

Recently, AI (artificial intelligence) has started to get prominently featured everywhere, with this tech spreading like wildfire. Thanks to things like deep/machine learning and natural language processing, AI has found widespread implementation and has automated repetitive tasks, increasing productivity in various industries. Naturally, that also includes online gambling, where AI is expected to produce breakthroughs in perfecting the analysis of player behavior and elevating customer service. Below, we explore its impact on the live game side of things.

AI Chatbots

As mentioned above, natural language processing and machine learning have been game-changers. Their effects in the online gambling industry can most be felt through the rise of chatbots that utilize advanced AI techniques to grasp and reply to a broad range of inputs. These virtual assistants are evolving to a point where they will handle complex conversations, troubleshoot complicated issues, and be almost indistinguishable from human agents in how they communicate with users.

Most live games nowadays have a chat window where players can converse with each other. Soon, they will also be able to ask for assistance in this interface section from virtual assistants about in-game activities or their site use at large and get all required info promptly in a straightforward manner, in a conversational tone tailored to their liking.

Virtual Dealers

While much of the appeal of streaming games lies in the authentic casino, feel these products provide, entries in this genre may retain this quality while doing away with actual dealers. Hence, operators can get digital representations of croupiers and game show presenters that do not require training, and when deployed, they will be able to handle multiple simultaneous interactions.

The other perks of AI-power dealers are that they can speak multiple languages, provide an element of anonymity, and deliver uninterrupted assistance.

Moreover, thanks to advanced payment processing, such as that available at instant withdrawal online casinos, digital dealers speed will get paired with software that can help them finalize a high volume of money transfers without human resource limitations. That shall permit gaming brands to accommodate a sizeable number of players at once, far more than they can now in their live lobbies.

AI Art

Image AI-fueled generators have been making much noise post-2022, with Midjourney standing out as the cream of the crop from the pool of generative artificial intelligence image suppliers. These cloud-based software feature algorithms that create visuals based on inputted props. Their results can be staggering, and their use is gaining traction at a staggering pace. Hence, it should be no surprise to see AI-created graphics dominate online gaming titles, boosting their quality and the speed with which they get created.

Session Personalization

Currently, one dealer/presenter manages a session for multiple players. Depending on the game type, the number of gamblers in play can range from six to dozens. The latter figure primarily refers to game show products, not table classics like blackjack and baccarat (with limited seating capacity). Yet, now, with the appearance of virtual dealers looming, live titles can get treated like RNG ones, even for traditional games, with each player getting a customized session, where the in-game activities and digital dealers interact with them in a personalized fashion.

What does this mean precisely? It references that AI presenters can tailor their behavior to suit an individual gambler’s preferences. Furthermore, they can offer them bonuses that players are more likely to claim, aiming to keep them more active in their sessions. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Rule tweaks may also get supplied. Plus, conversation tones that a gambler finds suitable, all to keep users engaged.


How will AI most impact live casino games?

It will do so via virtual dealers and personalizing the streaming game experience.

Will AI enhance security at online casinos in general?

Yes. It will ensure more accurate player identification and reduce the number of nefarious activities possible at gaming sites.

How will virtual dealers primarily differ from real ones?

They will enhance productivity due to the speed with which they can handle game activities.

To Wrap Up

AI is seemingly changing the world, and its influence in the interactive gaming sphere is also slowly getting felt. While it is undeniable that this technology can get exploited for unscrupulous financial gains, let us hope that gambling operators will put it to use to increase the level of service presented at gambling sites. They will supply a swift, reliable, and customizable gaming experience for all, featuring an authentic casino vibe previously only found at land-based establishments.

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