How to Improve Your Chances of a Lottery Win

If you had the ability to grant people 3 wishes and asked them what they wished, it is a safe bet that many of them would include “to win the lottery“. We all know that money cannot buy us happiness but it can surely help us survive whatever life throws at us in comfort.

For the majority having a big win on the lottery is little more than a pipe dream. We know that the odds are stacked against us but that does not stop us from trying. There are those who apply astrology, superstition or simply birth or anniversary dates to make the number selections. Personally with the UK National lottery I rely on pure luck by using the lucky dip automatic selections.

All of the above approaches are looked upon with scorn by those who use a mathematical system or permutation to select their numbers. These systems are usually based upon past draws and may rely upon discounting certain number ranges.

Working out systems in this way can be a time consuming affair which in the end may offer no better chance if a favourable outcome than by a random selection. The truth of the matter is that a lottery is a numbers game. The more entries that you have in any one lottery draw the greater a chance you have of winning.

One of the best ways to improve your wining chances is to become part of a lottery syndicate. A large number of top jackpot prize winners have been syndicates. On the downside you will have to share your winning with the other syndicate members but a share of a lot is considerably better than all of nothing.

There are thousands of syndicates operated from work places and local communities. If you search the Internet you will also find lottery syndicates available. Probably the best and most well known is the Virtual World syndicates who have members all around the world. For £5 a week you can have a share of 44 lines of the twice a week UK National Lottery or 36 lines in the Euro Millions draw.

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