Countries famous for online slots

Slot machine games are the most popular and revenue collecting  casino games. They are like arcade machines that can help you to earn money. slot online games are becoming more popular than slot machines. There are more online slots available to win a good amount of money.

A lot of countries legally allow slots. Modern online slot games provide a wide range of read tiles in every online casino. Many countries are known to play lord games online. They have a variety of slot games popular in their country.  Some of the countries famous for online slots

●     Finland,Sweden,Norway

These Scandinavian states are the largest producers of online slot games. They have high technology that supports making these games easy. Most of the revenue is earned from producing gambling games.

●     France

 Almost 39 % of the population enjoy slot games. The most famous game in France is Belote. It displays a combination of king and queen.

●     United states of america

The USA is considered the land of technology innovation. Gamblings sites in the United States are top destinations for gamblers worldwide. They have 70% of the world’s online slot player base. The online slot games of the United States are better quality and safe. Most state in USA are legalising online gambling

●     Germany and United kingdom

Although gambling laws are strict in these countries they provide relaxation for online slots. Online slots are really popular there. Almost 37% of the population of both countries are involved in online slot games.

●     Australia and new zealand

Australia and New Zealand are one of the most online slot playing countries. Almost 30% of Aussies play online slots. New Zealand has an alarm system that notify the player time they spend in slot. It is to prevent addiction from online slots. The favourite plot in both countries is cookies. New Zealandars and some asian countries also play Baccarat. New Zealand and Australia do not apply taxes on winning by players. They have a wide variety of slots and are safe to withdraw.

●     South africa

South Africans love slot machines. They put importance on responsible online plot gaming and keep things fun. Online slot is gaining popularity in the South African population.

●     Canada

Canada is popular among the gamblers for its gambling policies. Studies show 30%of Canadians are involved in online slots. Online slots are absolutely legal and they provide a variety of games. There are online slot games pop up everyday in Canada which indicate that you will never get bored with slots in Canada.

●     Japan

 Japan is known for its world famous pachinko parlours. They own the most slot machines in the world. Apart from physical short machines, youth of Japan are attracted towards online pachinko. Pachinko is a pinball game.

●     Thailand

The Ben on casino activities could not stop the popularity of slots in Thailand. Study revealed 45% of Thailand’s population play online slots these days. Online casinos are a great area of country gambling law. Games like progressive slot  and Baccarat are immensely popular in Thailand.


Some countries are best in production of games while some are best at playing online slot games. Online slot games produce a vast variety of games daily. It’s a game of luck you can enjoy in your home comfort.

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