A Complete Guide on How to Read Cricket Betting Statistics

Cricket betting is a versatile industry that makes many rich and many poor. But have you ever thought two people who are betting the same amount of money in the same game can get different results? Well, surely, because cricket betting has nothing to do with luck. Bet on cricket, and winning that bet depends on the strategy that you apply during the bet. And the stronger your betting strategy is, the stronger your chance to win. But the question is how you will identify a perfect strategy to win.

How to Find The Perfect Strategy?

According to the expert players, knowing the statistic table is the only way to find your perfect strategy. The cricket betting statistic ensures the chances of winning. And if you want to learn how to read cricket betting statistics, then it is better to know more about the odds.

What are the Odds?

Bet on cricket is directly related to the Odds. Odds determine the amount of profit. If a person learns to understand the odds, he surely identifies the cricket betting statistics. Now odds can be varied depending on the bookmakers. That means two different bookmakers can give you two other odds. Suppose you are betting on fairplay; they give you an odd 10/2 while another betting site gives you 5/2. Let’s understand how you can read the cricket betting statistic.

Read the Cricket Betting Statistic-

To read the cricket betting statistic, you must know a few things in detail. Now all of these things are related to odds. Odds are the key to cricket betting that determines the manner of betting. And if you are betting expecting sure success, then your only key is odds. Now let’s see what defines a player’s success.

        Basic of Odds- The basic idea of odds in cricket is that the team with more chance to win gets lower odds, and the one with less opportunity to win has more odds. For example- suppose there is a game between team X and team Y. Now X team has more chance to win, so their odds are 150, while team Y has a less chance to win, so their odds are 200. Now, if you put your bet on Y and Y wins the match, then you will get 200 rupees profit. (The odd varied from bookmakers to bookmakers or the betting sites)

        Key Markets on Cricket betting- Before you decide to Bet on cricket, know the betting rates first. Suppose you want to bet on IPL; now, you need to identify the odds provided by the different betting sites or bookmakers. It is not like the betting site that gives you the best odds is a trusted one. You have to check if your preferred betting gives you all information, just like fairplay does.

        Learn the Odd Table- There are mainly three odd tables used in India. Decimal odd or European odd, Fractional odd or UK odd, Moneyline odd or American odd. You want to calculate your profit the take 100 rupees and multiple it with decimal odd or fractional odd. American odd comes with two valuable sign that makes the calculation easier than another method.

        Forecast of Outcome- The odds are decided by the oddsmakers depending on the projections of the game. Oddsmakers give their opinion depending on different statistics of the team and the players, abilities, and weaknesses. Now oddsmakers have their idea, and you can get information regarding the odds by keeping an eye on the internet.

        Understanding the Nature of Odds- Odds can be changed very quickly, and bookmakers can change the rates depending on the statistics. Now, these changes happen to rely on the manner of the game. And to get the sure success, one thing you can do is follow your bookmakers. However, this will reduce the amount of profit. But this is what we call cricket betting.

Final Words-

Now betting is a subject of risk. And if you do not identify the game strategy from the beginning, you will never get a fair chance of winning. And the best way to secure your winning is by learning the calculation process and understanding the manner of the market. Now, if you are a beginner, the best you can do is trust a reliable site like fairplay. They give you information regarding odds and guide you with the best forecast to help you identify your strategy.

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